Touring Together Through Life Into Godly Manhood

what is MENtours?

18.3 million children are currently living in a fatherless home in the United States. 

Where are the male role models?

Among men, depression and suicide rates are on an all time rise.

Where is the "Band of Brothers" mentality?

As men, in today's society, we need to learn how to turn to one another, 

how to walk with one another and most important, how to lead the next generation.  

There needs to be a group of men that will rise up and show our boys how to become Godly men.

There needs to be men that know what it is to become a man with a heart after God, finding refuge and healing through their own hurts and struggles, that will then mentor the next generation, that will stand in the gap to a fatherless society. 

MENtours creates an atmosphere through mentorship for boys to become Godly men and men that will become Warriors & Friends with a heart to honor God and those around him. 

From Chess Clubs teaching life strategies for young boys, to studies applying Biblical principles to the life of men, 

to sports camps and life skills training, to simply doing life with one another, 

Breathe 379’s MENtours program is designed in a way where we as men begin

“Touring Together Through Life Into Godly Manhood”. 

Learn more below about the specific age "tours" offered through MENtours. 

To learn more or volunteer in any of our MENtours program, click HERE to fill out a volunteer form and to be contacted. 

MENtours Football camp

REGISTRATION IS FULL for the 2023 camp

may 22nd - 26th 2023 camp

MENtours has partnered with some of the leading coaches from the Baltimore and Harford County areas to ensure your son experiences an effective training time at any skill level.  Whether beginner or experienced, your son will learn valuable techniques of the sport as well as integrity on and off the field.

Purpose:  To teach young men the proper techniques and practice habits that will allow them to reach their full potential as a passer, receiver and defender.  

Focus:  Quarterbacks - Receivers - Defensive Backs

Age:  8 - 17 yrs old.  

For more information - email Bobby Daigle

To register - CLOSED FOR 2023