your dollar counts

As a 501c3 organization, we make sure that every dollar donated goes straight to the outreaches and operations of the outreaches of Breathe 379.  From our Annual B379 Toy Drive, to Backpack Survival Kits, providing food and clothing where needed and so much more, you can rest assure that every dollar that you donate to Breathe 379 is making a difference "in our communities and beyond".  

Please consider making a donation today to help in the mission of "find a need and meet it, in our communities and beyond".   It takes more than just an idea to make a difference.  It takes a group of individuals willing to be the hands and feet, to provide the takes an entire "body" working together to change the world.   With your help, we can do that.  

In advance, thank you for your generous donation.


The 3/20 Club is made up of 300 individuals and businesses that have committed to give $20 on a monthly basis for a 12 month period.