Get Involved

You can make a difference - right where you are - wherever you are - you can be the difference. 

Whether you join us for an event, a fundraiser, become a 3/20 Member - you are the one that makes the difference.  

Check out all of the ways here and other spots on our site to see how you can be a part of Breathe 379.  

Finding & Meeting Needs of Families in our Communities and Beyond!


Breathe 379 is solely run on the donations of our contributors. Financial donations cover expenses ranging from the supplies needed for an outreach to the basic operations of running the day to day logistics of Breathe 379.

We offer several ways to donate financially. Find the one that best meets your needs.


Not one person is invaluable and each person has a part to play. You have a purpose. In some way, you have the ability to help….maybe that is financially, maybe that is collecting items that we need for a specific outreach, maybe that being a part of an actual outreach…there is a part for you to play.


    Volunteer Individually

    Would you like to be a part of an outreach or volunteer with Breathe 379? We have opportunities for every person, every age in all areas. Fill out our Volunteer Application and we’ll be in touch.

    Please know that background checks will be run.

    Volunteer As A Group

    Is your church, team or office interested in volunteering together? Let us know. Email us here and we’ll respond to you to see how we can accommodate you.

    Be A Drop Zone

    Throughout the year we are in need of local business to be Drop Zones. Places where the public can drop off the donations that are being collected. Breathe 379 supplies bins and signs, you just host the spot. If your business or office would like to be a Drop Zone, contact us here.


    Food Pantry

    We are always accepting donations of non-perishables for our food pantry as grocery store gift certificates to help with items that can be bought as needed (milk, meats, etc.).

    If you would like to make a donation of items/gift cards please email us here. If you are unable to drop the items off, we can make arrangements to have them picked up.

    Clothing Closet

    Throughout the year we announce times that we are collecting clothes, coats, hats, etc. for those that may need a little help.

    If you would like to make a donation of items please email us here. If you are unable to drop the items off, we can make arrangements to have them picked up.

    Backpack Survival Kits

    For some, a simple thing as a backpack and its contents can be a source of comfort, security and ownership. For some that do not have a permanent place to call home, a backpack of supplies can be a lifesaver, physically and emotionally. Something to call your own.

    We collect basic life supplies to fill backpacks. Once filled, and we are able to meet folks that are in transition or without permanent housing we are able to provide them with a backpack to help sustain an individual.

    If interested in providing any of the items listed below, please contact us.