Breathe Hope

Most of us live week to week...but what of those that live day to day.  

Meal to meal….the stress of it can be too much.  

What if we gave a day...even for just a few hours, where that was not a stressor.  A day where we offered Hope. 

Join us, along with other community leaders, non-profits and churches on Saturday, June 29th (12pm - 4pm) for Breathe Hope, a community cookout offering food, games, music, Backpack Survival Kits and more. 

See below for how you can be a part.


We're having a community cookout!!!

And need your help!!!

June 29th, Breathe 379 is teaming up with other community leaders, non-profits and churches to head into Edgewood MD to host "Breathe Hope", a Backyard Bar B Que for a local community.      Hamburgers, hotdogs, games, medical services, hair cuts, financial counseling and so much more.                

We all need a day where we can escape the everyday stresses of life, even if just for a few hours.  Come with us to simply befriend those that possibly struggle every day for simple necessities like a meal, water, friendship and a simple friendly smile.  Join our team that day to help "breathe life and hope" into our Harford County Friends.  

Cant be there on June 29th but still want to be a part?  Thats great too!  

We need your help leading up to the event.  

See the lists below and fill out the form to let us know how you want to help.  

Leading Up to Breathe Hope (Click Here to let us know how you would like to help).

Week of Preparation (We've got the space - but it needs to be a bit polished up.  From yard work, light building, cleaning and moving furniture...we need your help.  Saturday June 22nd and Sunday June 23rd will be spending the day getting the place ready so grab your hammers and rakes and lets get it done). 

Bake/Supply a Cake (We'll need desserts!!  You can pre-bake a cake for us to serve that day). 

Donate a Backpack Survival Kit (For the folks that live in tent citites or in local shelters, we'd like to supply a back pack with basic day to day supplies - we'll provide the list).  

Day of Breathe Hope (Click Here to let us know how you would like to help). 

Set Up Team (Show up at 9am to get it all ready)

Food Prep/Servers (Help set up the grill station with all the fixings and serve our friends get through the food line quickly )

Runners (There will be a lot going on and we'll need folks ready to jump in wherever, between stations, helping to make sure everyone is taken care of to simply sitting with someone and making new friends)

Kids Zone(Folks to help run games, keep the fun going, watch the moon bounce, etc.)

Backpack Survival Kit Team (Make sure those that need a little extra care, receive it).

Tear Down Team (Gotta clean up)

**Are you a barber or stylist - let us know.  We're looking for more folks to add to our rotation for the day of for haircuts for our friends.  

Make a Financial Donation (Click Here to Donate)

Any amount is greatly appreciated to help buy supplies and cover costs of the Breathe Hope event. 

(Things like permits, port a pots, extra supplies, food, etc.). 

We're excited to have the opportunity to spend the day with our friends in Edgewood.  

We hope you'll consider joining us for this incredible event.