The B379 Amazing Race 2 Year Winners

The B379 Amazing Race

Saturday, June 17th            7pm

The B379 Amazing Race is Back!!!!!

In this adventurous "scavenger hunt-style" race (inspired by T.V.'s hit show "The Amazing Race") you'll find you and your team following clues leading you through Harford County, MD in a fun and exciting mad dash for the finish line. 


Nowhere else will you find an event that raises money for those who need it most, giving you an unique and thought provoking experience in your county and challenging you physically, mentally and maybe even a little emotionally (lol).     


This exciting event is guaranteed to challenge you, make you and your friends laugh and all around have a great time.  And what a better way to give back by having fun at the same time??

Just ask our 2016 & 2017 1st Place Winners, "Blisters & BENGAY"


Race Details

2 Great Ways to be a part

Opening/Finish Line Ceremony Observer ($50 per person)                    Register/Pay Here 

As an Opening/Finish Line Ceremony Observer, you'll get a little taste of the race without having to do the race!!!


Cheer on your favorite team during the Opening Ceremony (you'll be notified prior to the race of the Opening location) as they participate in their first challenge.  Once teams have completed the first challenge and are on their way, you'll receive an envelope disclosing the Finish Line location where you'll enjoy an all you can eat buffet and live music while waiting for participants to arrive to complete their final challenge.  (See below for Buffet Menu)

Team Participant ($300 per team (Up to 4 Team Mates)                         Register Here

                                                                      Pay Here for your team of 4

As a Team Participant, you and your team of 4 will race through Harford County, being led by questions and trivia, as well as both physical and mental challenges from the very beginning to the end.  Previous teams found themselves doing everything from cooking to running, "shooting pool" to eating "tasty" treats and more.  

At each location, you'll receive instructions on a challenge that must be completed by one or all of the team members (pending the challenge) before you are given the clue to the next location. Challenges may involve some physical task, a brain teaser, an eating just never know. Be ready for anything. You goal is to be the first team at the final location before any other. There, you're friends will be waiting to cheer you on in the final challenge along with an all you can eat buffet and live music.   (See below for Buffet Menu)




Teams consist of up to 4 team mates.  



Age:       Must be 21 or older.

Driver:    Valid Drivers License

               Up to Date Vehicle Registration/Insurance on Vehicle to be used.

               Must abide by all laws (speed, etc).


Race Rules:

All driving laws MUST be followed.

                - Speed limits                  - Turn signals/Stop Signs

                - Parking                           - Etc.

               **Breathe 379 will not be held liable for any traffic violations.  


When going to a site - all team members must be present.              (No one left in the car). 

When clue/challenge has been completed, make sure you keep the “card” proving you completed the clue/challenge.

Only the team members included on your team registration are allowed to participate in a clue/ challenge, unless noted for a specific clue/challenge.


All team members MUST be respectful of destination sites.  No trash left behind, etc. 


Special Notes

Once you have completed and paid for your registration, you will receive a packet containing:

                - The Starting Destination

                - More In Depth Rules/Regulations

                - Definitions of Race Terminology

                - Waiver of Liability

                - Agreement to Adhere to Rules

B379 Amazing Race

all you can eat buffet

This is it!!! You've made it and now its time to get your grub on.  

You're Final Challenge Location, after your final challenge you'll finally be able to eat some amazing food provided by.......(like Im gonna tell you now).  

But here's what I can tell you - 

Pit Beef - Turkey - Ham

Fries - Chips

Veggie Platters


Crab Dip

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

(Adult beverages available for self purchase)