Bail out 2021

5 People Locked Up!

Bail is set at $1000/each.

Only you can help.

Will you choose your friend?

You can only post bail from 5 - 9pm on March 31st .

Don't leave your friend in there after 9pm...bad things happen in prison when the lights go out.

All monies raised, go toward the outreaches and operations of Breathe 379.     

Here's what you are helping when you support Breathe 379 financially:

- Restoration of the new B379 Hope Center in Edgewood

- Breathe Hope (Family Community Day)

- Clothing Closet & Food Pantry

- Thanksgiving Meals

- Toy Drives

Pilot Programs

- Helping Hands (Minor repairs/yard work for elderly, disabled, etc).

- Walk With a Mama (Walking with single parents helping to provide basic needs).

Operating Costs and So Much More.

Our Mission: Finding & Meeting Needs In Our Communities & Beyond. 

  • Shane

    Please click my picture to donate to my bail fund. Why should you pick me I am an Edgewood native, been working hard at Breathe, I am a super nice guy, my wife and kids are sweet/cute. I am a dog person (cats are cool too) and I love Jesus. Honestly joking aside from why I should be bailed out, I am grateful for the impact Breathe is making in my home town and beyond. I am elated to see joy restored in people and their faces light up when we talk with them and let them be people. 

  • Cheryl A

    Please click my picture to donate to my bail fund. Why bail me out - Lol because I’m a hot mess. Lol all kidding aside bail me out because I’m shy and quiet - the rest of my cell mates have very large families and I need all the help that I can get. We hope that you will come and check us out. We’d love to just sit and hang out

    with you and let you know that you don’t have to do life alone.

  • Christopher

    Please click my picture to donate to my bail fund. Why should you bail me out...You shouldn’t. The people I’m locked up with put up so much of their life already for Breathe I’ll serve their time. (Total cop out huh). Mike Nolan is my hero. I want to grow up and be just like him one day. What I love about Breathe you are surrounded by genuine people that just care.

  • Cheryl R

    Please click my picture to donate to my bail fund. You should choose me to bail out because....I've known Mike the longest out of all of these losers LOL. Seriously, though why would you not!? Why would you pick anyone else? Pick me because I don't belong in jail. Pick me because I have dimples. Pick me because Pick me because you can. Folks, If you don't know all about Breathe- Ask me!!! And if you've never been to the Breathe Hope Center, please stop by. You will be glad you did!!

  • Ray

    Please click my picture to donate to my bail fund. I love that Breathe is a place to find some refuge. The Hope Center is a place where you can not only get the clothes and food you need when you're down, but a listening ear and praying heart to talk with. Why should you bail me out....I've got kids man!!!! All kidding aside, this is a great organization to support. There are so many people in the Edgewood Community and Greater Baltimore that are being helped. Mike leads it, but the Holy Spirit is in charge.