bail out your friend

6 People Locked Up!

Bail is set at $1000/each.

Only you can help.

Will you choose your friend?

Will you choose Ladies over Men? Men over Ladies?

You can only post bail from 5 - 10pm on April 24th.

Dont leave your friend in there after 10pm...bad things happen in prison when the lights go out.

All monies raised, go toward the outreaches and operations of Breathe 379.     

Here's what you are helping when you support Breathe 379 financially:

- Restoration of the new B379 Hope Center in Edgewood

- Breathe Hope (Family Community Day - June 29)

- Clothing Closet & Food Pantry

- Backpack Survival Kits (Student and Homeless Editions)

- Thanksgiving Meals

- Toy Drives

Pilot Programs

- Helping Hands (Minor repairs/yard work for elderly, disabled, etc).

- Walk With a Mama (Walking with single parents helping to provide basic needs).

Operating Costs and So Much More.

Our Mission: Finding & Meeting Needs of Families in Our Communities & Beyond.