learn about the 3/20 club

What is the 3/20 Club?

The 3/20 Club is B379’s monthly donor club.

Click here to set up your monthly donation of $20 via PayPal.

How Does It Work?

In a time where folks have generous hearts wanting to give and be a part of making a difference in our communities and beyond, we also know that for some, it can be a time of “tighter budgets”.

With the 3/20 Club we think we may have come up with a way, that everyone can participate, regardless of the budget plan someone may be on.

With the 3/20 Club, there are 300 slots to be filled at $20 each per month. That means an individual or business can fill 1 slot, 2 slots….5 slots….as many as they would like. For every slot that is filled, an individual is committing to donate $20 a month.

Want to donate $20 a month, that would be 1 slot filled.

Want to donate $100 a month, that would be 5 slots filled.

Benefits of Joining The 3/20 Club:

Knowing that you are supporting the operations and outreaches of Breathe 379, and because of you, they are affecting lives in your local communities.

When you give your first $20, you will receive a Breathe 379 T-Shirt

When you give your first $20, you name (business or personal), will be placed on the 3/20 Club Wall on www.breathe379.com

3/20 Supporter wall

3/20 Club Members

We are so grateful that you have chosen to walk along side of us.

Every dollar, every penny that you donate goes towards the operations and outreaches of Breathe 379.  We can in no way, do what we do without you.  

Shane & Becky Lucker - MD (2019)

Michael & Dawn Massimini - MD (2019)

James & Rachel Hennessy - NC (2019)

Jared Allen - MD (2019)

Warren & Julie Warren - MD (2019)

Ben & Pat Ruiz - MD (2020)

Penny Kurek - MD (2020)

Tom Davis - MD (2020)

Cody & Rachel Tanner - MD (2020)

Bob & Sonya Hennessy - NC (2020)

Gene & Mary Proud - MD (2020)

Nolan Brook - VA (2020)

Lynn Giltinan - MD 2020