learn about the 3/20 club

What is the 3/20 Club?

The 3/20 Club is B379’s monthly donor club.

Click here to set up your monthly donation of $20 via PayPal.

How Does It Work?

In a time where folks have generous hearts wanting to give and be a part of making a difference in our communities and beyond, we also know that for some, it can be a time of “tighter budgets”.

With the 3/20 Club we think we may have come up with a way, that everyone can participate, regardless of the budget plan someone may be on.

With the 3/20 Club, there are 300 slots to be filled at $20 each per month. That means an individual or business can fill 1 slot, 2 slots….5 slots….as many as they would like. For every slot that is filled, an individual is committing to donate $20 a month.

Want to donate $20 a month, that would be 1 slot filled.

Want to donate $100 a month, that would be 5 slots filled.

Benefits of Joining The 3/20 Club:

Knowing that you are supporting the operations and outreaches of Breathe 379, and because of you, they are affecting lives in your local communities.

When you give your first $20, you will receive a Breathe 379 T-Shirt

When you give your first $20, you name (business or personal), will be placed on the 3/20 Club Wall on www.breathe379.com

3/20 Supporter wall

The following people have already joined the 3/20 Club, and we appreciate their monthly support!

Shane Lucker (2019)     Michael Massimini (2019)     James Hennessy (2019)     Jared Allen (2019)