our services

Every one of us, at some point or another needs a little help. Whether it is simply someone to listen to, give a sense of hope through a smile or something more tangible.  

We currently offer some ways that could potentially help someone that may be walking through a rough time.  

Here are some of our services. If we can help in anyway, please do not hesitate to contact us.  

If you have a need that you currently do not see, please still contact us as we are always adding services and have networked with others that may be a resource for you.  

  • Bailey Sue's Country maret

    (food Pantry)

    Bailey Sue's Country Market, Breathe's food pantry, located in Breathe's Hope Center is a food pantry unlike any you'll find any where else.  Here you'll shop for your basic needs, aiding  you to supplement your grocery bill when needed.  From the basic non-perishables to personal hygiene products, to both adult & baby diapers to refrigerated items supplied by the Joppatowne Amish Market, you'll be able to pick out the items you want and need for that week.  


    As with everything done with Breathe 379, we depend on the donations of our communities and beyond to keep BSCM filled.  If periodically you would like to donate non-perishable & personal hygiene products, located at Breathe's Hope Center you'll find a grey and red wheelbarrow where items can be left  

    Other opportunities to help with keeping BSCM filled include our Pantry Club where you can sign up along with others to provide specific items on a monthly basis.  (i.e. You may sign up to purchase and deliver 5 packs of toilet paper a month).  Another great way is to sponsor a family at Thanksgiving and help to provide a full meal for a family during the Thanksgiving season.  

    For more information on Bailey Sue's Country Market, please reach out to Gerri Daigle (Manager, Bailey Sue's Country Market).    

  • the cabin

    (clothng closet)

    Also located within Breathe's Hope Center is our clothing closet, The Cabin.  When entering The Cabin, you'll find a small boutique set up containing clothing from infant and toddler, to adult sizes, male and female, summer through winter. We have clothes that are cleaned, sorted and ready to go. If you or someone you know is in need of clothing, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


    The Cabin is fully stocked through donations provided by folks from all over.  While we are limited on space and storage, we have specific days/times for drop offs of clothing and pending time of year, what it is we are needing.  

    Before making any drop offs of clothing, please reach out to Cheryl Andrews (Manager, The Cabin) to ensure we are accepting at that time.  

  • The well

    (Coffee Bar)

    Walking into The Well is like walking into "Cheers".  You are greeted by name, laughs, hugs and a welcome you'll not soon forget.  The Well offers "Grab & Go" lunches that you can take home or stay and eat.  Lunches that consist of sandwiches/subs made from local delis along with chips, snacks, fruit and beverage.  In addition, while you wait, grab an iced tea, hot tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or one of Nick's famous Iced Coffee's.  Yep...Iced Coffees. 

    For about $250 a week, The Well currently provides approximately 70 lunches every Wednesday to those in need, in addition to the drinks, snacks and so on.  

  • backpack survival kits

    For some, a simple thing as a backpack and its contents can be a source of comfort, security and ownership.  For some that do not have a permanent place to call home, a backpack of supplies can be a lifesaver, physically and emotionally.  Something to call your own.  


With your help, Breathe 379 is collecting the supplies listed below in order to fill backpacks that have the potential of reaching folks across the country bringing hope and security.  

    Each of these items can be purchased at the Dollar Store, 5 Below and other stores that you frequently shop.

You can buy a mix of items -  

Buy a bulk of one specific item - 
Provide enough of the items for one bag - 
To fill one bag, the average cost is $25.

    Have your office, your team, class, study group, etc pitch in.  
Interested in helping to cover the cost of the actual bag? Llet us know.  

seasonal outreach events

Throughout the different seasons there are different needs that are more prevalent than at other times. 


Each year Breathe 379 teams up with Santa and local businesses to bring unexpected children a taste of Christmas and joy prior to the big day.   With a team of volunteers, a truck load of wrapped gifts and Santa, an unsuspecting neighborhood receives a knock at the door only to find Santa standing in the middle of their street ready to greet children with gifts.  

This past Christmas, over 400 brand new gifts were handed out to children that perhaps may have not received gifts due to the struggle that many Americans face throughout the year, financial hardships.  

If you would like more information on how to help with this amazing outreach or would like to bring Breathe 379 to your area, please contact us.  



There are times for some families that it is hard to put a meal on the table during a normal week, let alone planning a special meal for Thanksgiving. Around the holidays there can be the added stress of financial burdens for families.  

For those families, we help to provide a full Thanksgiving meal for them and their family. From the turkey to the fixings to the pumpkin pie. If you would like more information on how to apply for a meal or on how to help with donations for the meal, please contact us.