Thanksgiving meal Give away

According to The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, from 2014 to 2016, almost 800 million people on the Earth were undernourished.  We at Breathe 379 believe that is 800 million people too many.  

Basic needs, such as food should not be something that is struggled to obtain.  Especially at Thanksgiving.  So with your help, this Thanksgiving, we are going to try to re-leave that for several families.

Breathe 379 will be collecting donations of full meals, partial meals and/or individual items to build full meals.  These meals will be presenting 1 week before Thanksgiving to those families in need.  This will allow families the time to gather together, prepare the meal as a family unit and then on Thanksgiving be able to sit stress free and share a meal together.  

The list of items below are what is included in a full meal.  

Often there is more that is given for the families to have left overs for the next day and share.  

If you, your office, class, bible study, etc are interested in helping provide a meal for a family this Thanksgiving, please contact us at or call our office at 443-987-6227.  

Thank you for helping us to Breathe life into families this year needing a little extra help.  

If you know of or are in need yourself this Thanksgiving, please contact us with that information at or call 443-987-6227

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